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Shymkent city, Constitution street, w/n
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About Company

«UMID-PHARM» Ltd. - an official distributor of the largest manufacturers in the field of laboratory diagnosis. The main focus of our work is to supply kits for the diagnosis of human diseases by ELISA and PCR reagent kits for clinical biochemistry and laboratory glassware, equipment and medical equipment.

A wide range of equipment and reagents allows us to successfully deal with complex equipment of clinical diagnostic laboratories and research centers in various areas of biology and medicine. All products comply with the Kazakh and international quality standards, delivery of even the largest quantities of products at the time did not occupy more than 30 days, which is very convenient for our Customers.

We are constantly improving the system of sales and expanding our network to best meet the needs of our Customers.

The company «UMID-PHARM» gives You the opportunity to receive world-class quality products on time and at a bargain price. Laboratory glassware, culture media, the test strip, serum, X-ray materials - all of these necessary items are always in our assortment. Our sales team works like clockwork, we are ready to represent your interests 24 hours a day, treating every order individually.